ACPA Stress Car

ACPA Stress Car
ACPA Stress Car
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Product Description

Polyfoam stress reliever car. The pliable construction will allow you to squeeze away stress. We can iunlcude this story: A car with four flat tires

A person with pain is like a car with four flat tires. When we find the right medicine we can fill one of our tires, however we still have three flat tires and are unable to move forward. The solution requires far more than we anticipate. We must ask what else we need to fill our other three tires so that we can resume our life’s journey.

Unlike traditional medicine where the “patient” is a passive participant, living a full life with pain requires that we take an active role in the recovery process. We need to work with our health care providers to find what we need to fill up our other three tires. The answer is different for each of us, depending on our individual medical and personal needs. Biofeedback, physical therapy, counseling, pacing, nutritional counseling and a host of medical modalities are but a few of ways we can fill up our tires.

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